2017 Generac Air-Cooled Pre-Packaged Generators 6244

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2017 Generac - Air-Cooled 6244

2017 Generac - Air-Cooled 6244

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Air-Cooled Pre-Packaged Generators 6244


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Model 6244 - 20,000 Watt Pre-packaged, Air-cooled Standby Generator with Aluminum Enclosure and 200 Amp SE Rated Smart Switch The Generac 20kW standby generator with aluminum enclosure provides up to whole house coverage through smart power management. It comes standard with Generac?s Service Rated Smart Switch?, engineered with Generac?s Digital Power Management Technology, it has the ability to cycle on and off two air-conditioners without adding additional components. This model features an external main circuit breaker, At-A-Glance system status & maintenance interval indicator LEDs, and an external GFCI outlet. ADDITIONAL FEATURES: ? Evolution? digital controller with Two Line LCD Display provides advanced control and programming capability along with diagnostics information at-a-glance. Sophisticated codes alert you to generator status at all times and has an digital hour meter display. Controller can display information in any of (4) different languages (English / Spanish / French / Portuguese). ? Generac OHVI? engine designed and built in the USA by Generac specifically for generator applications to deliver superior durability and long term performance ? Field selectable for Natural Gas or LP Gas Operation ? Certified for natural gas operation at 3.5" of water column to accommodate low-pressure areas ? True Power Technology? provides utility quality power for clean, smooth operation of sensitive electronics and appliances by providing <5% THD (total harmonic distortion) ? QuietTest? mode for a weekly self test that is quieter than other brands ? Enclosure modeled to withstand 150 mph winds and meets NFPA standards to allow for an 18? installation offset ? Base fascia for added protection against debris and rodents ? UL 2200 Listed ? Transfer switch NOT approved for use in Canada ? Hour meter monitors run time, providing information to determine maintenance intervals ? Composite Mounting Pad ? 5 Year Limited Warranty