2017 Generac Air-Cooled Pre-Packaged Generators 6243

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2017 Generac - Air-Cooled Pre-Packaged 6243

2017 Generac - Air-Cooled Pre-Packaged 6243

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Air-Cooled Pre-Packaged Generators 6243


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Model 6243 - 17,000 Watt Pre-packaged, Air-cooled Standby Generator with Aluminum Enclosure and 200 Amp SE Rated Smart Switch The Generac 17kW standby generator with steel enclosure provides the cleanest and most affordable pre-packaged load management system on the market. It comes standard with Generac?s Service Rated Smart Switch?, engineered with Generac?s Digital Power Management Technology allowing for more coverage with a smaller generator through smart load management. This model features an external main circuit breaker, At-A-Glance system status & maintenance interval indicator LEDs, and an external GFCI outlet. ADDITIONAL FEATURES: ? Evolution? digital controller with Two Line LCD Display provides advanced control and programming capability along with diagnostics information at-a-glance. Sophisticated codes alert you to generator status at all times and has an digital hour meter display. Controller can display information in any of (4) different languages (English / Spanish / French / Portuguese). ? Generac OHVI? engine designed and built in the USA by Generac specifically for generator applications to deliver superior durability and long term performance ? Field selectable for Natural Gas or LP Gas Operation ? Certified for natural gas operation at 3.5" of water column to accommodate low-pressure areas ? True Power Technology? provides utility quality power for clean, smooth operation of sensitive electronics and appliances by providing <5% THD (total harmonic distortion) ? QuietTest? mode for a weekly self test that is quieter than other brands ? Enclosure modeled to withstand 150 mph winds and meets NFPA standards to allow for an 18? installation offset ? Hour meter monitors run time, providing information to determine maintenance intervals ? Composite Mounting Pad ? 5 Year Limited Warranty